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BOSTON TERRIER                                                

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Boston Terrier is described as a pure American national saluki, but this description is not fully valid. The predecessors of these dogs are English militant dogs. There is a blood of English Bulldog, Bull Terrier and old English White Terrier in the Boston body. All these saluki gave him the best part of them in relation to nature, mould …

Even before any new saluki was found, everybody wanted to breed strong, clever and temperament militant dog with large vitality. Fortunately was showed the Boston is excellent, easy going friend with all attributes social saluki. Since 1878 until 1891 the Boston Terrier had been presented under Bull Terrier section in America.

In 1893 the American Bull Terrier was re-named for Boston Terrier. The standard was establish at these days. The colour was not so important as it is now. Several times I saw better evaluation for colour then for mould of the dog. This should not happen because the mould and smooth movement should be always more important then colour. Many white animals spread the breeding in the past. There were very often the dogs with white brain around the eye or with white ear.

There were very different dogs in relation to the size (weight 6 – 30 English pounds. Thus there were three weight groups on the shows. The smallest dogs weighted 5 – 6 kg, the biggest ones up to 15 kg. Today standard count with three weight groups as well: light type (bellow 6,75 kg), middle size (6,75 – 9 kg) and heavy type (9 – 11,3 kg). All these groups are competitors on the shows. Total compactness and animal constitution is the most critical parameter for evaluation.